Value Chain

Each stage of a product’s life makes an impact, we strive to make it a positive one

Trane Technologies is a multinational business with global facilities and a broad product portfolio. As a result, our operations have a wide range of environmental, social and economic impacts. The graphic below illustrates our business operations as a value chain consisting of nine major stages. For each stage, we have identified the key impacts, or material topics as determined by our Materiality Analysis, as well as the stakeholder groups most directly affected by these impacts.

Value Chain Stages

Product Management
Decisions about the technologies we will develop, the products we will make, and where we will make them, are fundamental to the value we create. We carefully consider the potential environmental and economic impacts of new technologies and products when making these decisions.

Raw Materials
Extracting and processing raw materials leads to economic benefits for raw material suppliers and local communities, but these activities also have environmental and social consequences. Our Business Partner Code of Conduct, which includes our Global Human Rights Policy, addresses these issues and serves as our framework for raw materials sourcing.

Direct Suppliers
Our relationships with suppliers lead to job creation and economic activity in communities around the world. Our suppliers’ operations have environmental, social, and economic impacts as well. We work systematically to ensure that our suppliers share our values and adhere to our standards of business ethics, health and safety, environmental and social responsibility as specified in our Business Partner Code of Conduct.

Shipping parts to our manufacturing sites and finished products to our distributors benefits the transportation and packaging industries, but this activity also creates emissions, waste, and traffic impacts.

Trane Technologies plant operations generate employment and related business activity in the communities where we operate. We strive to enhance the impact of our presence in these communities by improving the environmental performance of our facilities, by creating a safe, inclusive and engaging workplace for our employees, and by contributing to the betterment of our local communities.

Communicating with our customers and distributors ensures that our products, services, and solutions are targeted to their needs and exceed their expectations. The mission of our sales organization is to sustain a productive dialogue with these key stakeholders. The insights we obtain from this dialogue drive our product and service development process.

Product Use
As a company that provides solutions for energy efficiency, economic productivity, and greenhouse gas mitigation, Trane Technologies has multiple impacts on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, homes, industrial spaces and transport markets around the world. Our growth, operations and culture excellence strategies are focused on delivering products, services and solutions that contribute to a more sustainable global economy.

With smart, connected solutions becoming increasingly important to our product portfolio, we are working to adopt a services mindset across the enterprise. Our service organization works as trusted advisors for our customers — not only helping them select the optimal solution for their needs, but providing them reliable support over the lives of their Trane Technologies products and applications.

End of Life
The value of our products frequently extends beyond their operational lives. A significant percentage of the materials in many of our products can be reused or recycled.

Value Chain