Supplier Invoice Standard Requirements

Trane Technologies is driving strategic improvements in the way we purchase and pay for goods and services. One of the benefits of these changes is more consistent, on-time payments to suppliers. The following information is intended for suppliers that provide materials and/or services to Trane Technologies' locations and provides the standard requirements your invoice must meet in order to receive payment from Trane Technologies. Please review with all personnel involved with customer invoicing and update your billing system(s) as appropriate.

North America

General Policies

  • Failure to provide accurate invoice detail and information in accordance with Trane Technologies requirements may result in payment issues and delays, including returned invoices. 
  • In the absence of a written agreement, the Purchase Order (PO) is the official legal agreement. Upon receipt of a PO, the supplier should review and confirm the PO. All PO questions and/or discrepancies should be directed to the Trane Technologies Procurement Administrator ‘buyer’ listed on the PO. 
  • Trane Technologies requires a PO for all direct material inventory purchases and most indirect goods and services expense purchases. If you are not provided with a PO when a Trane Technologies' employee makes a purchase request, please request a PO at that time. 
  • All invoices must contain a valid PO number. If a valid PO number is not obtained at the time of the order, and the Trane Technologies Contact cannot be reached, the Invoice MUST reference a Trane Technologies Employee Name and Trane Technologies email address. 
  • Invoices will be paid in accordance with Trane Technologies standard terms and conditions. 
  • Trane Technologies' preferred method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer.

Important notes for Pay on Receipt (POR) transactions:

  • Pay on Receipt is a process whereby invoices for payment of goods or services are automatically generated based on receipt transactions. Invoice vouchers are automatically created using a combination of receipt and purchase order information, eliminating the need for manual invoice submission and data entry. POR automatically creates invoices with multiple items and distribution lines, and includes sales tax as applicable. Payment on Receipt is also known as Evaluated Receipt Settlement (“ERS”), Pay from Receipt (“PFR”) and Self Billing.
  • Suppliers who are setup for POR at one or more of our locations should NEVER submit manual invoices to accounts payable for those locations issuing POR purchase orders, as this will create a duplicate invoice and prevent or delay payment processing.
  • ERS Evaluated Receipt Settlement Guide for Suppliers (pdf)

Supplier Invoice Detail Requirements

1. Your company name and address

2. Your payment remittance address (please include electronic payment details)

3. Your unique invoice number and the invoice date

4. Reference Our PO/BPA number, Release and Shipment Number – Only 1 PO and or Release is allowed per invoice

5. Our Trane Technologies “Bill To” address, as indicated on PO

6. Our exact “Ship To” address, to include the complete Trane Technologies company name (billing entity name) at which you delivered goods and/or performed services

7. Our PO line item number, material part number (if any) & line item description, as on PO

8. Quantity delivered with the exact same Unit of Measure, as on PO

9. The exact same Unit Price as indicated on each line item of PO

10. Invoice currency must be clearly stated and should be in the same currency as the PO

11. A breakdown of miscellaneous charges, sales and/or value added tax (as applicable), sub-total, and total

12. For Non-PO Invoices, the name and email address of the Trane Technologies employee requesting the goods or services. Please note that non-PO invoices experience severe delays in processing due to lack of information and may be rejected/discarded as invalid.

An acceptable invoice example is included for reference.

Invoice Submission Guidelines

  • Do not send duplicate invoices to Accounts Payable. This may result in delayed processing and payment of the original document.
  • To prevent payment processing delays, the following should NOT be submitted to Accounts Payable: 
    • Duplicate and/or multiple copies of invoices
    • Copies of Trane Technologies Purchase Orders
    • Acknowledgements
    • Multiple invoices in one PDF
    • Paid from Receipt (PFR) invoices
    • Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) invoice
    • Packing Lists
    • Statements
    • Non-invoice related documentation
    • Invoices with hand-writing or manual alterations
    • $0 invoices
    • Invoices paid in full (previously paid by credit card)
    • Invoices not belonging to Trane Technologies (e.g. invoices intended for our independent distributors or dealers)
  • Reference only 1 PO/BPA and Release Number per invoice. Invoices with multiple PO’s/BPA’s and or Releases will be rejected
  • Credit Memo’s must clearly state “CREDIT MEMO” and amounts must be a negative value
  • Avoid sending invoices with shading, as it may affect the quality of the scanning process
  • If an invoice needs to be cancelled by Trane Technologies and resubmitted by supplier to correct an error (incorrect price, quantity, miscellaneous charge, etc.), please ensure the new, resubmitted invoice has a unique invoice number
  • Invoices determined to contain Supplier errors will not be processed by Trane Technologies, the Supplier will be notified and a new invoice will need to be sent to Accounts Payable with the required updates with a new unique invoice number.  

Accounts Payable Billing Addresses

Invoices should be submitted to the billing address listed on the Purchase Order.  

The table below outlines the correct addresses to submit an invoice via postal mail in order to receive payment from our North America locations.

Doing Business With
Trane Technologies:

Mail Invoices To:

HVAC Parts

PO Box 459
Davidson, NC 28036-9721

CHVAC Sales Offices, Export (TEI)

PO Box 2380
Davidson, NC 28036-9721

Trane Commercial

PO Box 220
Davidson, NC 28036-9721

Trane Residential

PO Box 220
Davidson, NC 28036-9721

Thermo King

PO Box 220
Davidson, NC 28036-9721


PO Box 220
Davidson, NC 28036-9721

Trane Advantage Program; Capturis (gas, electric, water)

PO Box 847
Mandan, ND 58554

Water, Electric and other Utilities

PO Box 2346
Davidson, NC 28036-9721

Paper Elimination:

We've made a climate commitment to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to our operations and products. We are partnering with our suppliers to eliminate paper from our procure-to-pay processes.

Suppliers to our North America locations are encouraged to submit invoices via email to Emailed invoices must meet the following requirements:

  1. Email subject line must include the appropriate reference: 459, 2380, 220, or  2346 as indicated in the billing address table
  2. Invoice image attachment must be in TIFF or PDF file format
  3. Attachment file name cannot contain any special characters, i.e. ! @ ^ & *\ - ( ) # $ % : ; , .
  4. Email size cannot exceed 20 megabytes
  5. Each Invoice / Credit Memo must be submitted in a separate attachment
  6. One email with multiple image attachments is permitted
  7. Each attachment must have a unique name (e.g. Invoice.pdf, invoice1.pdf, invoice2.pdf)

Note – Emailed invoices not meeting the above requirements will be returned to email sender of record.

North America Contact Information:

The Trane Technologies Procurement Administrator (PA) or “buyer” is the primary point of contact for questions regarding purchase orders, items, services, pricing, quantities, delivery requirements, terms and conditions of purchase. Please reference our Purchase Order for contact details.

All Indirect Suppliers using Coupa Supplier Portal are required to submit their invoices within the Coupa Supplier Portal. Invoices that are submitted to Accounts Payable for Coupa related transactions will automatically be discarded and will not be processed. Visit our Coupa Portal (Indirect Materials) page for more information.

Suppliers who are setup to use Oracle iSupplier Portal can access real-time information regarding POs, delivery information and payment status at the following Quick Link to iSupplier Portal. For more information please visit our Oracle ERP transformation and iSupplier site.

The Trane Technologies Accounts Payable Service Center can be contacted at or (855) 973-2079 for general questions regarding invoice or payment status. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

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