Preferred Supplier Program


Trane Technologies has embarked upon a multi-year transformation of its systems and processes aimed at improving service to both internal and external customers. Among our vast collection of tools, The supply chain business and operations team has built and operates a process designed to make better happen through establishing stronger relationships with high-performance suppliers who are ready to challenge what’s possible for a more sustainable supply chain.


  • Since the inception of this program, preferred supplier volumes have grown at 5 times the rate of non-preferred suppliers, demonstrating enormous growth potential for participants in this program
  • The Preferred Supplier Program helps Trane identify and award strategic partnerships to high-performing suppliers that meet the needs of Trane Technologies
  • Continued business growth with suppliers who consistently demonstrate the capabilities to meet Trane Technologies' operational needs and a willingness to partner with us to be the first to market with industry-leading technological solutions
  • Growth through new product development and competitive advantages
  • Partnership meetings to enable success and progress toward creating a more sustainable future

General Criteria

Preferred suppliers are required to maintain a certain set of key performance criteria to remain eligible to stay in the program. This list includes: 

  • Driving Quality Improvements
    • Prevent field quality escapes
    • Meet annual Parts Per Million (PPM) goals
    • Meet annual warranty and reliability improvement goals
    • Accept appropriate chargebacks for failures
    • Adhere to Trane Technologies supplier quality manual
  • Develop and execute an integrated supply chain 
    • Work proactively to reduce lead times
    • Implement Supplier owned inventory program (SOMI) when requested
    • Supplier capability assessment demonstrating the ability to manage all aspects of the supply chain
    • Work collaboratively to solve day-to-day issues
  • Best total value proposition
    • Design and execute a plan to achieve multi-year productivity goals
    • Maintain and improve global landed cost competitiveness
    • Provide Value Add/ Value Engineering solutions
    • Optimize value chain flow
    • Proactively manage inflation throughout the value chain
    • Adhere to cash flow requirements
    • Comply with Trane Technologies' technology requirements
    • Agreement to a multi-year contract meeting all of the terms and conditions 
  • Provide strong support for Trane technologies stakeholders
    • Assured timely deliverables during the development cycle (NPD)
    • Brings the best product and process technologies to Trane Technologies' first
    • Escalate concerns early and resolve issues quickly
  • Comply with Trane Technologies Business Partner Code of Conduct
    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Work collaboratively to design optimal green packaging, cubing, and shipping routes
    • Comply with Trane Technologies' sustainability reporting requirements
    • Drives sustainability throughout the supplier’s value chain


If you are interested in participating in the Preferred Supplier Program, please reach out to the category owner that oversees the relationship between our businesses for more information.

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